delporte | architects architectural office was founded by architect Rik Delporte, teaching lector & former student at St Lucas, the College of Science & Arts in Ghent.

The work of the office is full of variety, both in terms of project types and points of view. The office has a professional no-nonsense philosophy, where creative ideas are given realistic opportunities by linking an achievable strategy to them.

We use pencil and paper, as well as the latest computer technology. This synergy ensures a creative & successful project.

The client plays a central role in our vision. Through the interactive exchange of information and ideas between the office and the client, we can achieve a successful outcome that redeems expectations.

By treating both overall concepts and meticulous detail projects, while monitoring the current trends and techniques, we can continuously assist the customer in the best possible manner.
The office specializes in various facets of architecture, engineering and project management and is active in various fields. Business alliances with experts are made on project basis. The projects and services are largely divided into the following :

Architecture – Construction & Restauration

(residential, corporate, public & industrial)
Audit & Planning
(urban planning, corporate masterplanning, feasibility & investment consultancy, … )

Project Management & Consultancy

(architecture, energy, environment, engineering, expertise, … )